Third Strategic Plan for Third Sector Social Action 2017-2021

This document defines the strategy of the Third Sector Social Action (TSSA) for the next four years (2017-2021). The work, in which different coordinators and national and regional platforms have collaborated, has been coordinated by the Platform for Social Action NGO. This roadmap for TSSA has been created through a rich and fruitful process of reflection. It contains a vision of what this sector is and what it can be.

The Third Strategic Plan for Third Sector Social Action goes beyond constituting a framework of action that is both propositive and inspiring for all the TSSA organisations. It should represent a letter of commitment from the platforms and networks that have promoted it to progress in achieving the goals and objectives that are proposed in the four years. Working together, enhancing cooperation and strengthening cohesion will be decisive in getting the Third Sector to fulfill its vocation to become a pillar of the new model of social and sustainable economic development in Spain.