Recortes y reformas, brecha creciente ente el norte y el sur de Europa

The economic crisis is intensifying the differences in terms of welfare policies and social protection between the countries of Europe (Central/North and South/periphery): while the countries less pressured by economic adjustments and with social welfare systems more established are making reforms for the modernization and sustainability of public finances, the more pressured are undertaking drastic cuts which are having consequences in the essential parts of the system thereby increasing their distance compared to the latter. This article presents the common trends of European countries and shows the growing gap between the center/north and the south/periphery, both in terms of social situation and social policies being implemented. It also point out the consequences this will have in the long-term and finally the convenience of changing the way the governments are spending on social policy, differently to how it is being done in the last few years, especially in the southern/peripheral countries of Europe.