Community of Madrid Roma Strategy for Social Inclusion 2017-2021

The Plan for the Social Inclusion of the Roma Population of the Community of Madrid 2017-2021 is conceived within the framework proposed by the European Union and the National Strategy for the Inclusion of the Roma Population, covering the period 2012-2020. It places its measures in line with the general lines of action in this area, as a way to ensure their relevance and enhance their effectiveness.

The measures included in this proposal are grouped in the areas that make up the map of social inclusion: education, health, employment, housing, social services, culture, citizenship and equality. In order for these measures not to constitute a mere decoration, their only protagonists -the Roma people- must commit themselves to making them a reality.
The elaboration of the Plan has counted on the participation of numerous parties, including: departments of the Community of Madrid, social entities of Roma population, local and professional organizations.