Strategic consulting, innovation, and experimentation ,
innovación y experimentación

We deliver strategic consulting to public institutions and social organisations to design, manage and evaluate experimental projects. The objective is to test or escalate innovative solutions to face social problems or challenges. We conduct social entities in their transformation processes offering support and advice in the elaboration of strategic plans.  

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Our team is diverse in expertise and in previous professional experience. It is composed of people from different nationalities. We have a deep knowledge in European social policies in the field of social rights and vulnerable groups as well as in long-term care, persons with disabilities, children, migration, minorities, persons experiencing homelessness, etc. This allows us to have a diverse experience and a plural knowledge that helps generate new ideas and to identify possible strategic alliances. 


    Strategic consulting, innovation, and experimentation


    BuiCaSus is a transnational project funded by the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) and is composed of 7 partners from 4 countries (Spain, Latvia, France and Sweden) and involves more than 20 organisations.

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    Design and planning of public policies Strategic consulting, innovation, and experimentation

    Strategies for the Social Inclusion of the Roma Population

    Technical Assistance in the implementation of activities associated with the social inclusion of the Roma population in Spain is a project that consists mainly of providing advice and strategic assistance to the General State Administration in the cycle of policies for the inclusion of the Roma population in Spain.

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    Strategic consulting, innovation, and experimentation

    ERSISI Initiative

    ERSISI (Reinforcement of the Right to Inclusion through the Integration of Services) was an experimental initiative of the Government of Navarre to promote access to the labour market for people at risk of social exclusion.

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