The future of social services in Europe

Article framed in the Public Policy Portuguese Journal, in its special issue on poverty, social inclusion and public policies.

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This article analyses the evolution of social services in the Member States of the European Union within the framework of the European Social Model, a model considered unique and a key element in the identity of European societies and values.

The content focuses on the key elements that determine the future of social services in relation to current social changes:

  • Increasing of inequalities
  • Marketing
  • Technological innovation
  • Migrations
  • Work
  • Social Rights.

The text also explores new elements that may affect the future of European social rights, both from the point of view of its approach and its mission. Although social services are gaining relevance, they also face the need to redefine their role within the framework of the general determinants of European social policy: the balance between equality and diversity, the role of local administrations in integrated service provision, and the future of employment.

Finally, reflects on the ideological, economic and pragmatic elements that will condition the effective position of social services as one of the pillars of social protection in the future.