Operational Plan 2018-2020 of the National Strategy for the Social Inclusion of the Roma Population

This plan, which is based on the knowledge acquired since the approval of the Strategy, establishes guidelines for the next 2 years and offers guidelines and concrete actions to guide the different levels of Public Administration.

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The plan defines the actions that correspond to public entities and that can inspire social entities to achieve greater alignment between the policies of social inclusion and the access to rights of the Roma population. To achieve this, an involvement of all the parties has been sought (Autonomous Communities, local entities and the State Council of the Gypsy People) and the system for collecting information and monitoring has been improved.

It includes measures within the four key areas of the Strategy (education, employment, housing and health) and also defines five other complementary areas (social inclusion, gender equality and violence, non-discrimination and anti-gypsyism, culture and citizenship and participation). For each of the areas, the Plan establishes guidelines, lines and measures specifically designed to achieve the objectives.

A very interesting newness of this plan regarding the previous years is that it has been developed through a participatory system, through bilateral consultation with key stakeholders and the organization of a synergy day.