Midterm Evaluation Report of the National Roma Inclusion Strategy 2012-2020

This report complies with the mandate of developing an intermediate monitoring report that analyses the degree of achievement of the objectives and the progress made since the approval of the National Strategy for Roma Inclusion on approved by the Government of Spain in March 2012, and identifies the challenges for the next stage 2017-2020.

For the preparation of this report, the following studies and reports published since the approval of the Strategy were used as sources of information, providing updated data on many of the strategic objectives defined:

  • Roma students in secondary school: a comparative study
  • Study-Map on Roma housing 2015
  • National Survey on Roma Health 2014

In addition to these studies, the opinions and recommendations collected in the debate “Work approaches to promote social inclusion of the Roma population at the local level”, organised by the Directorate General of Family and Children Services in collaboration with the Government of Navarra and the Roma State Council in September 2016, were also taken into account.