End Poverty in Europe. Our solutions to make it happen

The Caritas Cares report 2016, “End poverty in Europe – Our solutions to make it happen”, provides a constructive contribution to the debate on new European social welfare models based on social inclusion, investment and social protection, as well as on Human and Social Rights.

Documentos y descargas

I. The groups at risk of poverty and social exclusion requiring most urgent political action in Europe
I.1 Long-term unemployed
I.2 Working poor
I.3 Single parents
I.4 Children
I.5 Migrants and refugees

II. People at risk of poverty and social exclusion have limited access to rights
II.1 Right to housing
II.2 Right to healthcare
II.3 Right to work

III. How effective are current policies to reduce poverty and social exclusion in Europe?

III.1 Active inclusion
• Pillar 1: Adequate income support
• Pillar 2: Inclusive labour markets
• Pillar 3: Access to quality services

III.2 Investing in children
• Pillar 1: Access to adequate resources
• Pillar 2: Access to quality services
• Pillar 3: Children’s right to participate

III.3 The effectiveness of national policies

III.4 Reforms to social protection systems

Conclusions & Recommendations