Community of Madrid Strategy for Social Inclusion 2016-2021

The Social Inclusion Strategy of the Community of Madrid is a response to the problems of poverty and social exclusion in this region. Its objective is to reduce the levels of poverty and social exclusion in the Community of Madrid and to move towards a more inclusive Madrid society, through active and comprehensive social policies and measures.

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Portada de la Estrategia de inclusión social de la Comunidad de Madrid.

This Strategy indicates the reforms and improvements, both normative and operational, that will be developed in social services, especially in the areas related to the rights recognized in the Law of Minimum Invertion Income. It also includes the necessary references to sectoral plans focused on specific issues and initiatives or groups with special needs (dedicated to the homeless, immigrants, the Roma population and volunteers). It also guides normative advances in policies aimed at the care and protection of LGTBI people. Many of the people belonging to these population groups are at risk of social exclusion.