Virtualisation and Development of eLearning Services: Mercaemprende

A project carried out for the Roma Secretariat Foundation

Mercaemprende is an intervention programme with the objective of achieving professionalization, modernization, digitalisation and creation of quality employment in the field of street vending It impacts on people dedicated to street vending as well as on their shops, improving their performance and competitiveness.  

It suggests a progressive change in traditional street markets based on the development of a strategic support. To this end, training and counselling are provided as they will improve the performance, competitive development and independence in the online processing and management, both at the administrative and trade level. We will achieve this objective using strategic methodologies such as storytelling and content presentation through interactive screens in order to make the users protagonists of their learning process. 

The users of this training will be young adults dedicated to vending in street markets. It will target necessary competences for the participants in order to benefit from opportunities offered by the digital economy in this context.  

The main goals are:  

  • Benefit from opportunities offered by the digital economy in the street vending sector. 
  • Increase the digital independence of this sector’s workers. 
  • Improve the trade competitiveness of street vending businesses. 
  • Extend the scope of these businesses.  

02. What was our role?

Virtualisation of contents and Development of eLearning services adapted to mobile devices through a virtual room with a training programme. This programme is divided in 12 modules which are based on the following techniques of content presentation and activities:  


Combination of voice-over video format with voice-over interactive presentation format.  Inclusion of interactive elements.  


Development of a training programme based on storytelling. 


Design of an eLearning model inspired in an integrated training programme that combines online and onsite training 


Inclusion of a didactic manual that contains the key information for the monitoring of the course. 

03. Challenges

The challenge that we face is to develop a practical training and to integrate selling procedures and strategies based on the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into the daily practice of street venders. 

We must consider that training is not the main activity in their lives, unlike if it was provided during childhood or adolescence. Therefore, the time is more limited. For this reason, the methodological strategy will be based on mLearning training (mobile learning) that will grant access to the training actions through mobile devices. 

Thanks to Mercaemprende we have been able to build a project that enables street vendors to benefit from digital economy opportunities. It also encourages them to become more independent and helps them to improve their businesses competitive capacity at the same time as they extend the scope.

04. Solutions

Design of voice-over videos based on the storytelling technique, with protagonists with whom they can identify. 

Virtualisation of content with interactive elements that help to increase the motivation and interest of the beneficiaries of the training. 

Responsive virtualisation for the access to the training from mobile devices or PCs. 

Design of a didactic guide to inform the participants about the characteristics and important milestones of the training action. 

Fresno has carried out an excellent work by understanding our needs as well as the Mercaemprende project. All of it with great closeness and flexibility.

the Roma Secretariat Foundation

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