Learning Community for the Sustainability of the Social Sector 2022

A project carried out for the ONCE Foundation in 2019


In 2019, ONCE Foundation in collaboration with Fresno launched the first learning community for the sustainability of the social sector. It was the first social network built for this matter. 

The so-called COMPASS focuses on disability entities and aims to become a benchmark for the social sector. It enables members to develop knowledge and skills in the field of sustainable economy using the available materials, the guidance of experts and mutual learning.

It is a meeting point to promote the entities economic efficiency in a dynamic and collaborative way. In 2022, the community has reached more than 1000 users, which demonstrates the sector’s interest in this initiative.  

02. What was our role?

Enable social sector professionals to learn new financial competences and to meet funding trends at a national and European level. This will allow them to have more resources and tools to improve sustainability in their organisations 

At COMPASS we boost the establishment of a meeting point for entities to progress towards economic management in a dynamic and collaborative way. We promote mutual exchange between entities as well as partnerships in the field of disability and social action in the third sector Additionally, we organise training activities and we share contents and experiences to grow together.  

Our main activities are: 


Blog management. We share resources, recommendations, and experiences in the field of financial sustainability.  


Creation and dissemination of tools. We help the entities in their financial management.  


Organisation of learning sessions. We provide webinars, workshops, and small group sessions to examine the main topics for the community. 


Encouragement of eLearning courses. We count on the assistance of experts to improve professional competences 

03. Challenges

We believe that its success in the future will depend on the community’s capacity to contribute to the real added value and to the promotion of interaction between entities.  

Our objectives for the 2022-2023 period are:  

1. Growth and loyalty: To increase the number of users among small and medium-sized entities operating at territorial level. 

2. Added value: To increase the practical usefulness of the contents and tools offered by the community. 

3. Interaction: To increase interaction, shared knowledge and exchange between entities and thus also improve knowledge about the challenges they face on a daily basis. 

At COMPASS, third sector professionals have access to valuable contents and trainings that will help them strengthen financial sustainability in their entities. The blog and the activities offered by the community cover a wide range of sustainable topics that encourage a model of shared experiences in a scope adapted to the needs of both small and medium social entities, specially of the regions.

04. Solutions

Growth and loyalty 

Dissemination channels: the objective is to improve the dissemination and content of activities among disability entities and other fields.

Website navigation: Improvements for the website and for the internal organisation of our contents. 

Added value 

Actions and contents with dissemination and awareness-raising purposes. Public content thanks to informative posts, thematic webinars, etc. 

Practical learning actions and contents.


Consultation and participation: through polls, surveys, etc.

Interaction and knowledge: debate sessions, workshops, eLearning courses, etc.

During this collaboration, Fresno has shown an extensive knowledge in the third sector. It has also proved a great capacity to adapt to the needs and an attitude characterised by its innovation and its continuous progress.

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