ERSISI Initiative

A project carried out for Government of Navarre 2017 

ERSISI (Reinforcement of the Right to Inclusion through the Integration of Services) was an experimental initiative of the Government of Navarre to promote access to the labour market for people at risk of social exclusion. 

Its main innovative factor was the piloting of the formula for the integration of Social Services and Employment under the so calledone-stop shop“. 

ERSISI was funded by EaSI, the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation, in the framework of the Call for proposals for social policy innovations supporting reforms in social services, launched in 2015. 

It was implemented on an experimental basis in Tudela and Alsasua, with the aim of helping 500 people to access the labour market. 


02. What was our role?


Consulting in the planification, launch and development of the project. 


Consulting and support for the good performance of project governance. 


Support in the development of specific actions: workshop and seminar organisation. 


Support in administrative management as well as in reporting and justification to the European Commission.  


Design of a transfer and scalability plan.  

03. Challenges

1. To implement the project in the foreseen time and manner, achieving the fixed objectives and complying with the formal requirements of the call for proposals. 

2. To ensure good coordination between the actors involved, as well as the agility and use of the spaces for dialogue and decision making. 

3. To take advantage of the knowledge and experience of other countries and regions to improve the model and to generate new useful knowledge for other contexts. 

4. Adequately capture the functioning of the model in order to make it available to other territories.

Accompanying the Government of Navarre in the development of ERSISI has been an opportunity to face one of the great challenges of the public sector in Spain: the integration of services.

Getting to know the benefits generated both in the system and for people motivates us to continue accompanying other administrations and entities in the transformation of services. 

04. Solutions

The initiative resulted in an exchange of experiences at a European level, which facilitated the first hand learning of other experiences of integration of services and their results.

It created a cooperation committee in each of the two pilot areas, bringing together employment services, social services, municipalities, trade unions, companies, NGOs, and local development agencies. 

Close monitoring was maintained (visits, group work sessions) and support was provided in the resolution of conflicts and in the dialogue with the funder (requests for modifications to the European Commission, drafting of proposals, etc.). 

It defined a strategy of gradual transfer of the most successful elements of the project: tools, the AUNA model, intensive management of activation of Guaranteed Income cases.

More than an enriching experience. A great quality and professional service where compromise, implication and personal treatment are outstanding.

Government of Navarre

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