Technical assistance oriented to the maintainance and improvement of the eLearning Platform “Connect”

A project carried out for International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies – FIIAPP

The International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP) has a wide experience in public technical cooperation. It focuses on the progress of personal capabilities of public administration employees from all the partner countries and encourages institutional strengthening.  

FIIAPP’s willingness to increase efficiency as part of its development plan has resulted in the search for a generation of new virtual collaborative workspaces. This will help to increase the Foundation’s work methods (onsite and online). To this end, a free and open learning management system (LMS) such as Moodle was provided. Its characteristics, versatility and recognised results respond to the demands of Public Technical Cooperation (CTP) of the countries and institutions within the framework of the programmes in which FIIAPP participates. 

This training platform,, offers a formative system and a collaborative workspace that allows users to work with other institutions. Its different functionalities bring users together and enable them to integrate other applications through plugins such as Office 365 applications or the services of any webinar platform. Connect is also adapted to mobile devices (responsive). 


02. What was our role?


Consulting services in the design of knowledge management for the FIIAPP’s project Connect. 


Installation and configuration of a learning and collaborative work platform, based on Moodle. 


Training for Connect administrators. 


Training for the coordination and provision of formative activities. 


Continuous progress in the functioning of the platform (its use, design and  processes).  


Design and provision of specific courses for FIIAPP employees about the internal use of the platform. 


Resolution of technical issues as well as provision of support to users.  


Design and organization of plugins, templates, and tools for the management of Connect.  


Instructional design and mentoring of new courses related to FIIAPP’s digital environment. 


Design and production of tools and tutorials for the management of trainings and of collaborative work.  

03. Challenges

To develop the platform Connect as a training tool, extending its possibilities as a tool for collaborative work and enabling the improvement of the exploitation of data, as well as its use, accessibility, design, performance and security. 

Fresno facilitated the connection of people from different locations though the Connect platform, providing support and guidance in the implementation of projects to facilitate and speed up reform processes, public policies and more through public technical cooperation.

04. Solutions

Implementation of a platform considering FIIAPP’s brand image in terms of colours, fonts, logos, etc.

Promote the tool in FIIAPP offering a training system and a collaborative workspace for all the employees.

Implement a tool to manage and verify data and reports for decision-making in the area of training for the development and management of knowledge. 

Training of FIIAPP Project Managers in the use and administration of the platform and its different tools.

Design of a plugin to facilitate the application process and the review and correction as well as approval or rejection of new training actions in Connect.

Performance, maintenance, and incident resolution tasks with regards to enrolments and configurations, creating and updating reports, etc. 

Installation of pre-production environment for testing without affecting the platform in use.

Design of the platform considering the brand image (colours, fonts, logos, etc.).

Development of a self-training course with interactive tutorials explaining the use of the Connect platform.

New release of the Connect platform for a more updated and stable version.

Development of a competence tree associated with resources, courses, and activities.

Support for the integration of Connect with the WordPress used by the Cooperation Program between Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union on drug policy (COPOLAD).

Translation of resources, self-training courses, etc. into French and English.

Installation of completion tracking plugins, configuration of customised reports, etc.

Design of resources such as administrator manuals, training guides, etc.

Delivery of b-learning training to FIIAPP project managers, identifying the planning and programming phases of a training activity, learning how to use basic planning tools, etc.

Very satisfied with the service and with the solutions offered. Also satisfied with the excellent support and consulting during the entire implementation process.


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