Stefan Meyer

Consultant in the international area

Expert in social policies and governance.

Retrato perfil de Stefan Meyer de lejos

I am Stefan Meyer, consultant in the International Department. I am a Political Scientist graduate from the FU Berlin and I hold two Master’s degrees: Master’s degree in Public Health (MPH – TU Berlin) and Master’s degree in Governance and Development (IDS Brighton).  

During my 20 years of experience, I have worked in the areas of social policies, social protection, international aid effectiveness, conflict resolution, governance, health coverage and adult education. 

Additionally, throughout my career as social researcher and rights defender, I have worked for the public and private sector, non-governmental organisations and academia. Some examples are the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit or GIZ, which is the German Society for International Cooperation, the European think tank centre FRIDE and Médicos del Mundo Spain, where I worked in the political advocacy department.  

I joined Fresno in 2017, where I mainly focus on social policies and governance. I have counselled UNICEF, OECD, the European Commission and third sector networks on topics such as social protection, disability, child protection, inclusion of Roma population and sustainable development in Europe and neighbouring countries.