Romain Guillemin

Consultant in the strategic consulting area

Expert in private funding, advocacy, social project design, financial sustainability, unwanted loneliness and addictions.

Equipo Fresno Romain Guillemin

My name is Romain Guillemin and I am Consultant in the Strategic Consulting Department. I am a History graduate and specialist in political theory. I have a Master’s degree in European Public Affairs and a specialisation in fundraising. 

I have over 10 years of experience in public affairs and political advocacy at consulting firms in Brussels and Madrid. Moreover, I have a strong teaching competence developed as a university professor and coordinator in Bogota. Since 2021, I have specialized in the design of fundraising campaigns mainly oriented to corporate partnerships.   

I joined Fresno in 2022, where I provide support to social entities in the design of publicly funded projects and in the implementation of advocacy and private fundraising strategies.