Alia Chahin

Digital transformation director

Expert in social policies and projects, the Third sector and European funds.

Equipo Fresno Alia Chahin

My name is Alia Chahin and I am the Digital Transformation Director. Concerning my education background, I hold a Master’s degree in Management of Foundations, Associations and Non-profit Organisations. I also hold a Posgraduate degree in International Consulting and International Development as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Law.  

I have worked for the Consejo para la promoción de igualdad en el trato y la prevención de la discriminación de origen racial y étnico (Council for the Promotion of Equal Treatment and the Prevention of  Discrimination on the Grounds of Racial or Ethnic Origin) and for the Fundación Luis Vives (the Luis Vives Foundation). In the United Kingdom, I have worked for the Westminster Housing Service and for Vital Regeneration. Furthermore, I have carried out my professional career in other countries such as Romania, Belgium, Macedonia, Poland and Slovenia.  

I joined Fresno in 2012, the start year of this business project. I work mainly in projects related to internationalisation, access to European funds, design and provision of experimental social projects and public-private partnership.  I am also responsible for the design and facilitation of debate spaces, for knowledge transfer initiatives and for the provision of continuous training to professionals. At the same time, I am committed to lead the company’s continuous improvement and innovation by adding digitalisation to internal projects and to the services that are offered to the clients.