José Manuel Fresno invited speaker at the European Parliament’s conference “Which Welfare for Europe?”

Exterior del edificio del Parlamento Europeo.

The different sessions will address the progress towards the Europe 2020 social goals, discuss the European Social Model and present experiences from people experiencing poverty in different Members States.

In the context of the conference, José Manuel Fresno has been invited to present the main findings of the Europe 2020 Shadow Report 2014 – an annual publication that has been produced by Caritas Europa since 2011. The Fresno team, José Manuel Fresno, Cornelia Rauchberger and Alia Chahin, has been providing technical assistance to the Shadow Reporting process, which included the publication of the Europe 2020 Shadow Report 2012 and Europe 2020 Shadow Report 2013.

“This year’s Shadow Report provides an in-depth assessment of the progress towards the Europe 2020 social goals and is therefore an important contribution to the upcoming Mid-term Review,” says José Manuel Fresno. The report describes the main poverty and employment trends in the EU, highlights the major areas of concern and provides concrete recommendations on how the Europe 2020 Strategy may still achieve its social inclusion goals. The Shadow Report 2014, titled “Europe 2020: Where are we now and what way forward? 5 Years after committing to poverty reduction & employment growth”, will be published shortly.

For more information on today’s conference, visit Caritas Europa’s website of the event.