José Manuel Fresno and Alia Chahin, appointed by the Council of Europe to carry out an assessment on the implementation of the Romanian National Strategy to Combat Discrimination

Logotipo del Consejo de Europa.

To carry out the assessment, Fresno and Chahin participated in a series of meetings organised with:

  • The President and key staff members of the Romanian equality body “National Council to Combat Discrimination”.
  • Representatives from ministerial departments
  • Representatives from main NGOs specialised in equality and non-discrimination.

The final report will be presented by Fresno and Chahin at a second round of meetings with the key actors involved in the process.

This initiative is part of the predefined Project “Children and Youth at Risk and Local and Regional Initiatives to Reduce National Inequalities and to Promote Social Inclusion” financed by the financial mechanism EEA&Norway Grants which receives the support and advice from the Council of Europe. More information