Our 5 Principles

  • Fresno, the right link, was founded with the idea of advising and assisting institutions, public bodies and Third Sector organisations to adapt to social change and to address new challenges and needs. We tailor our products and services to every customer, share their concerns and challenges and deliver services according to our 5 principles.

  • Customisation

    Each client is unique in his or her needs and demands. That is why we strive to give a particular response to each client, tailoring our work to his or her special characteristics.

  • Cooperation

    We prioritise cooperation over competition because social progress is achieved primarily through partnerships, cooperation among institutions, exchange and knowledge sharing at the service of the common good.

  • Efficiency and innovation

    We seek to find solutions geared to the efficient use of available resources. Continuous improvement and continuous innovation are part of our corporate culture. In addition, our international experience nourishes us with knowledge that we apply to all our projects.

  • Diversity

    We believe that diversity is a value and a critical asset because it is associated with wealth and variety of perspectives. Our team is diverse in skills, abilities, nationalities, ages and interests, characteristics that allow us to be multitalented and creative in our solutions.

  • Social Return

    We work with clients whose projects promote social cohesion and welfare, in which social capital and the commons prevail over individual interests.

    At Fresno we believe that knowledge has to be at the service of social progress and therefore we want to facilitate the return of this knowledge to our customers and the areas in which they act.

    Furthermore, when selecting our suppliers we prioritise those who are committed to the social economy. We use the principles of environmentally friendly consumption, work with ethical banking and recommend companies and organisations pursuing the same principles as we do.