Prado Serrano

Senior consultant specialised in European policies, fund verification, public procurement, employment and equality

  • Prado Serrano has extensive experience in project management and coordination in the areas related to the verification and evaluation of ESIF funds, and public policies, especially training, employment and equality.

    Prado has been working at Fresno the right link since September 2019, as a consultant specialised in organisational development and European funds. 

    She has worked in the management and evaluation of public policies and verification of European Funds as a consultant for organisations such as the Spanish Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations, SERVEF, or the Spanish Women's Institute.

    She is especially knoweldgeable in public procurement, grants and gender mainstreaming. Prado has a profile characterized by versatility, multidisciplinarity and customer orientation.


    Senior consultant specialised in projects involving management, control and verification of grants and subsidies co-financed by Structural and Investment Funds at European, state and regional levels and to public management in a broader way.


    • Direction
    • Social sector
    • Public policies
    • Employment 
    • Equality
    • Public procurement
    • Grants
    • Gender perspective